Axiata's Application Security Solution sets up a persistent procedure that guarantees security confirmation and remediation errands are not just conveyed over each phase of the SDLC, additionally instilled into the group's work process.

It of the box support for key security standards and initiatives

Conveys a moment evaluation of consistence to


Facilitate issue remediation, not just issue detection

Every issue recognized is organized, naturally related to the designer who presented it, then circulated to his or her IDE with direct connections to the tricky code and a portrayal of how to remediate it. In the end, designers begin composing more secure code as an issue of propensity.

Extensive, centralized reporting

Our incorporated reporting framework gives ongoing perceivability into general security status and procedures, archives changes, and helps you figure out what extra activities are expected to shield security.

Policy establishment, application, and monitoring

Axiata's strategy based approach builds up the association's desires for quality, influences a robotized framework to guarantee steady, inconspicuous arrangement application, and consequently screens strategy consistence for deceivability and audit ability.

Easy policy configuration

The broad, consistently extending learning base of tenets can be effortlessly altered (graphically, without coding) to empower computerized checking of custom prescribed procedures. The outcome is more reasonable and exact approval that is adjusted to the group's security needs.

Integration into the workflow and across the SDLC

Axiata sets up a consistent security prepare that guarantees consistence undertakings start early and are sent over each phase of the SDLC, as suggested by the PCI DSS. We've discovered that even the best instrument in the long run gets to be rack product in the event that it is not incorporated into an economical procedure. To guarantee that the security procedure stays on track and does not disturb extend advance, Axiata imbues consistence assignments into the group's current work process and mechanizes them so colleagues can concentrate on undertakings that really require human intelligence.