Cloud Services

Axiata Services is remarkably situated as the unchallenged leader in the Indian Cloud Infrastructure Services space. Truth be told, with web based provisioning and administration and flexible registering, we are one of just a chosen few players overall as of now fit for conveying the genuine force of the cloud readily available. As India's driving overseen IT specialist organization, we have the aptitude, strength of cloud frameworks, oversaw administrations support and capacity to offer you the whole IT foundation in the cloud.

Every one of the advantages of private distributed computing in a basic, reasonable bundle. Our Server Cloud gives you a chance to characterize the processor, memory, and capacity assets you have to make a devoted pool of virtual machines (VMs). It incorporates firewall and system assets, and lives on best-in-class foundation gave by Go4hosting's high-accessibility distributed computing datacenters in North America and India.

Basically, cloud facilitating India is an arrangement of pooled figuring assets conveyed over the Internet. The Cloud Server India conveys a facilitating situation that doesn't restrict an application to a particular arrangement of assets. Contingent upon the stage, an application can scale progressively and increment its share of assets on-the-fly.

The Cloud can rapidly scale to a great many servers to make assets accessible as they're required. Axiata Cloud facilitating clients never need to stress over purchasing new equipment to meet expanding movement requests or gigantic activity spikes.

Why Use a Cloud Solution?

Dynamic organizations utilize the cloud to:

  • Reduce capital prerequisites for new activities
  • Buy and convey solid and adaptable servers
  • Leverage a dynamic, versatile system and server framework
  • Develop and send new applications with least hazard
  • Eliminate postpones intrinsic in corporate endorsement and obtainment forms
  • Minimize exorbitant downtime with enhanced conveyability and survivability of processing assets

Furthermore, on the grounds that the framework is overseen and kept up by a qualified outsider, interior mastery can be refocused on center exercises vital to the organization's prosperity.

Advantages of Cloud Computing India Redundant Infrastructure Recover from equipment disappointments inside seconds because of programmed self-recuperating components of the hidden VMware High Availability (HA) foundation and asset disengagement.

Remarkable Flexibility Complete transportability, root access to virtual servers, and execute live relocations and perform equipment upkeep with zero downtime. 64bit Operating Systems incorporate Windows Datacenter 2008 and CentOS Linux

Customer Portal & Rapid Provisioning Online access to manage and monitor your solution via valuable tools such as snapshots, resource performance graphs, alarms, starting, stopping and suspending of virtual machine(s) and rapid provisioning of computing resources and software packages.

High Performance Storage Data is stored on a SAN versus Local Disk providing reliability and better disk throughput.