QA & Testing


QA & Testing

Succeeding in the software industry takes more than just delivering a quality product to the marketplace in a timely and efficient manner. Today's software products are increasingly complex, often operating within multi-layer, multi-platform environments. These products are being created in rapid development environments that drive them toward the marketplace at breakneck speed.

Axiata Info Solutions provides a wide range of software testing services to the computer industry. From software and automation testing for enterprise environments, to programming test suites to validate development code, no one else provides our breadth of services. These include programming, compatibility, functionality, interoperability testing, establishing benchmarks, performance testing, load/stress testing, usability analysis, test plan development, system comparison and much more.

Axiata Info Solutions routinely provides highly skilled, high-tech professionals for premier technology companies just when they need them for as long as they need them. We have an extensive hardware and software library that is continuously updated so that we can verify product and software compatibility, compliance and performance to international standards.

Axiata QA Methodologies

  • Regression Testing
  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • Ad Hoc Testing.
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Custom Scripts
  • Integration/System Testing
  • Early discovery of deformities bringing about diminished re-work costs