Axiata Info Solutions Content Management arrangements give a rich domain to making, overseeing, and distributing Web content, and a foundation for supporting numerous locales

Since the Content Management frameworks are based on Open Source stages, supporting, overseeing, and growing these frameworks is clear and financially savvy.

Since clients of Content Management frameworks are by and large non-specialized business clients or topic specialists who are new to HTML sentence structure, Axiata Info Solutions incorporate simple to-utilize inline editors for content, HTML, and XML substance, and connectors for altering reports utilizing an assortment of recognizable desktop instruments. For arranging straightforwardness, we incorporate a change motor that believer’s content starting with one arrangement then onto the next. For instance, approaching pictures of different sorts and sizes can be changed over to a standard organization and size. Intuitive format gives clients a chance to redo the look and feel of a Web webpage without sitting tight for help from designers, and granular control over security empowers content creators to secure website pages and the documents, pictures, and recordings installed in them.

Axiata Info Solutions Content Management arrangements give content administration and look abilities for more than 35 dialects, including the privilege to-left dialects, for example, Arabic and Hebrew. A hearty full content web crawler underpins metadata and catchphrase pursuits, and profits come about based for the client's get to authorizations.

Key elements

  • Standards-based structures to make content.
  • Email based work process and endorsement prepare.
  • In setting audit: View changes in setting of live site.
  • Pre-fabricated layouts: Websites and site segments.
  • Integration of big business frameworks.
  • Re-utilize existing locales: Easily reuse existing look and feel.
  • High-accessibility, adaptation to non-critical failure, and versatility: Any number of destinations, auto failover, and bunching of the conveyance level.
  • Multi-site change set administration: Support for ventures, sandboxes, changes sets, layers, and depictions.
  • Preview include with presentation formats.
  • Management of web resources.
  • Brand administration.
  • Digital Image Library.
  • Mobile gadget bolsters.