Corporate Values

Opto believes that each and every employee is a major contributor to the success of the company. We value the following:

Respect for the Dignity of the Individual

We treat people with the utmost respect and dignity. We build positive, trusting relationships through open communication, appreciation, and a spirit of collaboration.

Uncompromising Integrity and Honesty in Everything We Do

Opto conducts business ethically in all areas. We are compliant with all laws and do not discriminate.

Passion for Excellence

Employees at Opto take a lively interest in their jobs and show intense feelings of pride. They energetically pursue their goals.

Community Contribution and Responsibility

Opto believes in fostering the spirit of social contribution by encouraging employees to engage in activities that enhance the communities where we live and work.

Desire to Win

Employees at Opto are competitive and strive to be the best and most innovative compared to the competition.